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Indigo Bunting: When Photography and Fine Art Capture a Blue Beauty

It is a real treat to see and hear Indigo Buntings. They are not very common. Few people get to see them close up. If one is lucky enough to see one, it will usually be from a distance.  I use telephoto lenses when photograpng birds. That is how I am able to capture details. There is another way to capture details.

Abigail Mccaleb is a very talented artist. She used my photograph of an Indigo Bunting as inspiration for her painting. I was delighted when she told me she wanted to use my photograph. I was already familiar with her work. Abby previously employed one of my photographs of a Chincoteague Pony and her  foal.   Her previous painting depicted a playful foal jumping about.

I am very pleased with Abby’s painting of the Indigo Bunting. She has captured the beauty of the Indigo Bunting.

Abigail is working on a collection of oil paintings that she plans on placing in art galleries on the Eastern Shore. Here is a link to my blog about Abby and her painting, Bouncing Baby Foal  

Bouncing Baby Foal

Here is my original photograph and Abby’s painting of the Indigo Buntting.

Indigo Bunting, Rockefeller Park_2



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