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An Unusual Fishing Technique Utilized by a Great Blue Heron

Over the last two years, I observed a great blue heron using an unusual fishing technique in the Rockefeller Preserve. As can be seen from my first photo, the great blue heron was waiting deep in the water. He remained motionless  and, as can be seen from my second photo, he grabbed  a fish that was swimming nearby. This was the second time I saw a heron employing this method. The first time was the prior year in the same location. Perhaps it was the same great blue heron. Usually great blue herons stand motionless in shallow water. Typically, herons wait patiently, with their long necks extended downward in the direction of the water, until they find their prey. The heron then strikes, grabbing the prey with its bill.


I have read that sometimes herons utilize other fishing methods. I have seen a video on YouTube of a great blue heron catching a fish while swimming on the water. But I have never heard of a great blue heron employing the fishing technique that I observed and photographed in Rockefeller Park.




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