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Wood Ducks

Most of the Wood Ducks I photographed are from the Rockefeller Preserve in Westchester County New York. Over the last few years there have been Wood Ducks migrating to Rockefeller Preserve, and at least one pair stay to breed in the park. But male Wood Ducks leave the female Wood Duck to raise the ducklings on her own.  The immature Wood Ducks lack the vivid colors of the male Wood Duck. They look more like their mom. They spend a lot of their time swimming around the lily pads and sometimes can be seen swimming in more open water. I photographed the life cycle of the Wood Ducks and have photos here of the adults, the ducklings and the immature Wood Ducks. To read my blog “Do Ducks Eat Frogs,” follow this link,

Do Ducks Eat Frogs?

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